Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Fashion For A Few Minutes

When I first moved into the house I've been living in since August, I noticed this blue house down the street. And every time I've driven by it, I've wanted to do a fashion shoot in front of it with the school's 4x5 camera.

So today, the day that gear was due back (and the only day that I had time), I gave it a shot. I shot my PJ friend Alyssa Orr. I was extremely unprepared and apparently I bought the wrong expensive 4x5 polaroid film, which I've had since February, which was extremely disappointing. So I had to shoot through the back of the camera with my digital.

We also had to cut it really short, since the guy who lives in the bright blue house got really mad that we were on the public sidewalk in front of his house and started causing a scene...it wasn't worth it.

The cops also drove by six times. I just don't understand why people hate photographers. I just wanted some pictures of my pretty friend in front of the pretty blue house before I graduate on Saturday.

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